Friday, September 25, 2009

aRelax Sleep iSmooth Wave v1.1.5

Category: Entertainment
Price: $1.99
Released: Sep 13, 2009
Size: 42.7 MB
Seller: Wei Xie

This app is different from other ambient apps, it allow user add their musics from music library or iPod library to mix with a set of ambient noises and sounds inside this application for playing, and compose different style ambient musics. Run in iphone OS 3.0 and upper OS version.

Beside, this relax application has a set of sooth and beautiful ambient sounds, bundling with more than 35 ambient basic sounds. Continue adding more sounds and more features while it is on sale. We also
keep some wonderful sounds from our app user favorite sounds library.

You can use this iphone app to fall asleep, take fun, relax, avoid outside environment, keep mind focus
on the mixed music you make.

Untouched: aRelax Sleep iSmooth Wave v1.1.5 @ iTunesStore
Retouched: aRelax Sleep iSmooth Wave v1.1.5
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♥ add music from user music library or iPod library to play with other ambient sounds.
♥ customize and save your favorite of sounds into play list.
♥ set volume and time interval for sounds.
♥ can check and review the detail information of your customized sounds.
♥ can Re-Edit your customized sounds.
♥ set count-down timer to manage playing time.
♥ mix sounds.
♥ ambient Sounds
-night insect noise, wind bell song,
-wood strong breeze, wind chimes amazing,
-whale song, frog song, water diving,
-plain wind, soft river stream, cricket night,
-soft rain, ocean wave surf, loon call,
-cuckoo sound, owl.
-soft ambient wave, Thunder rain,
-Coast soft listen
-... etc.

Frequent update for new sounds, continue updating this app.
Hope you can enjoy!




Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch (2nd generation)
Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later