Friday, October 2, 2009

Monthlies v2.2

Pavel Trafimuk
Category: Healthcare & Fitness
Price: $1.99
Released: Apr 07, 2009
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Seller: Pavel Trafimuk

"Nice and simply app for every woman" MONTHLIES is a women periods' calendar.

MONTHLIES helps you to determine your menstrual or fertile days of the month, so you can either achieve or avoid pregnancy. The calendar is based on the first date of your last period, the average Period Length and Luteal Phase. With this information a chart is generated for each month, including details such as the next period date, the best days to convince a boy or a girl, your ovulation day and when you should abstain from i*********e to avoid pregnancy.


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♥ FIVE AMAZING and beautiful THEMES for the Calendar View:
- CLASSIC (like as native Mobile Calendar)
- WINTER (for blue and frozen style)
- SPRING (for fresh and bright style)
- BLACK (simply the best)
- SUMMER (orange summer and blue water)
♥ You can change a theme in the global Settings of iPhone

♥ EVERYDAY NOTES. It's easy for you to view your cycles at a glance... complete with emoticons, icons symbolizing cramps, love connections, notes, spotting, period days and flow, expected periods, fertile days, ovulation, and more to come! Just click button in the right-down corner.

♥ Powerful PASSCODE protection

♥ Daily TIPS with instruction for menstrual and fertility.

♥ Calendar view

♥ Simple interface to log your periods.

Monthlies assumes a luteal phase length of 14 days, which is the average for most women.
You may modify the luteal phase length in the settings screen.


English, Russian


Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
Requires iPhone 2.2 Software Update