Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How to download and install iPhone/iPodTouch apps?

Wondering what does this blog offer? You can simply download and install apps of your choice...


You'll need iTunes 8.2 or later and of course an iPhone or iPodTouch :p


First, click the Show download link and read more... to display download links.

You'll will see one or more download links.

Now you have several options to download applications.

via iTunes
Clicking the Untouched Link will open the app in iTunes. Click the Get App button to download. You will be asked to sign in to iTunes. (If you don't have an iTunes account you can create a new one.) Type your email and password, then click the Get button. The app will be downloaded in iTunes, in which you can Sync in to your iPhone or iPodTouch.

via File hosting sites
Clicking the Retouched or the Alternate link will redirect you to file hosting sites. Type the verification code and click download or similar button. Locate the downloaded app and drag and drop it to iTunes. Now you can Sync it to your iPhone or iPodTouch. (Your iPhone or iPodTouch should be jailbroken to do this.)